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UPDATE 7/6/2016 — Thank you to everyone who looked at this. Joseles’ body was found in Cathedral City, California, yesterday morning. The investigation of his death is ongoing.

Joseles was someone I knew growing up. He was an excellent person and he died far, far too young.

The family is asking for help to fund a private investigation into Joseles’ death. The police have not been helpful and the family wants closure:

Joseles Delacruz’ body was discovered by a hiker July 5th. He was found completely naked behind a shopping center in the desert two and a half weeks after he was last seen. He was not a drug addict and he was not terminally ill. He was a brilliant Stanford University graduate, whacky, thoughtful and caring friend, son and brother. He wouldn’t leave his belongings at home, his laptop open if he didn’t think he was coming home. He was at a bar with people unknown to anyone and then he disappeared.

The family wants answers, they want to know what happened to him. The police had phone numbers of the last known people he spoke to, after said person denied speaking to him he was later caught in a lie. The police never followed up. They were told he left with two men, the police never looked at a surveillance tape or tried to determine who these people were. They brushed everything off and the family wants to know what really happened. When he was found naked in the desert they saw no foul play. walking around naked in a desert is something to be suspicious about.

We must pressure the cops into finding out the truth. We still want to hire a private investigator to look into his death and have a private medical examiner do an autopsy, not to mention his funeral costs. We are asking anyone who can to please donate funds to help the family and for everyone share this, help us find closure.


Univision had provided the most coverage (video in Spanish) To update anyone unfamiliar with the case...

ETA, lots of edits, sorry. Having trouble ordering things clearly to make sense.

UPDATE — News Channel 3 in Palm Springs has publicized Joseles’ disappearance, but he still has not been found. If anyone sees him or has any information please call one of the provided numbers below or if it’s important you remain anonymous leave a message here.


Here is another photo in case that helps:


Original Post

If anyone has seen Joseles De La Cruz Ornelas please leave a note/info on Facebook here: https://goo.gl/YN7lEW


He was last seen in the Palm Springs area of California. There is concern about heat stroke. Here’s a note from his cousin:

32, 5'10 about 125lbs. He’s been missing for a week now. Left his house wearing sandals and shorts, didn’t take anything else with him and his phone is turned off. We are hoping that someone has seen him and can give us information, PLEASE CALL or text 425-289-8960 if you have any info that could help us locate him. PLEASE SHARE with friends and family especially if they are in California. Last known location was in Palm Springs on June 18th. Thank you!


I figure Groupthink might have a different radius than Facebook. Your help is sincerely appreciated!


If you’re uncomfortable using Facebook or calling directly to contact someone or don’t have Facebook leave a comment here and I’ll pass the info on. (And I promise the shortened link only goes to Facebook, it was just a really long link.)

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