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Missing Shows You Hate-Watch: From Dusk Till Dawn

So I've started hate-watching the TV adaptation of From Dusk Till Dawn, the film I enjoyed mostly because of Salma Hayek's bewbs and La George's bad boy neck tattoo.

I almost hate to admit it, but the show has vastly improved since the first episode. Who knew that less Don Johnson and more Robert Patrick would be just what the doctor ordered? And I am *really* digging the backstories the show has given Ritchie Gecko (played by Tarantino in the film; by Zane Holtz in the series), the vamps, and the Fuller family (led by Harvey Keitel in the film; by Robert Patrick in the series).


Turns out, Ritchie's not some run of the mill psychotic. He has these disturbing visions, and some esoteric connection to HBIC Santanico Pandemonium. The vamps, led by Wilmer Valderrama doing a respectable job, are actually Mayaincantec serpent demigods; and it's strongly hinted that Ms. P was a human sacrifice to their goddess back when she was still human. And the Fuller family have some juicy skeletons in their closet. Plus, no one does a preacher struggling with a crisis of faith better than Robert Patrick.

The only character and storyline that bugs me is the one following Don Johnson's partner who's out to avenge Johnson's death (Johnson plays Ranger Earl McGraw...badly).

Overall, not a bad series. Too bad it's on a short hiatus and I have to wait until next week for the newest episode to air. I'm seriously jonesing for it to come back on. The Geckos and the Fullers have reached the Titty Twister and Ms. P, the woman of Ritchie's dreams, is about to take the stage. So shit, my friends, is about to go down.

Relevant: Jake Busey plays Sex Machine in the series.

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