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Missouri Health Dept Creepers Tracking Women's Menstrual Cycles

Yeah, you read that right. Earlier this week it came out that the Missouri Health Department has been tracking the menstrual cycles of Planned Parenthood patients who had abortions. At our one clinic (downtown StL) in the entire damn state that still does abortions. The same clinic they are trying to close down.

Their big claim all year has been “oh, it’s not safe for the poor wimmenz who don’t know any better and think they have to have abortions!”

They refused to renew the clinic’s license in the summer because Planned Parenthood “refused” to comply with setting up interviews with some doctors who performed abortions which the state said were “botched.” Planned Parenthood had explained that 2 of the doctors no longer had contracts with them, so they could not demand those 2 doctors show up for interviews with the State Health Department.


Anyhoo, judges have repeatedly ruled that Planned Parenthood can continue providing medical care, including abortions, at the St. Louis downtown offices.

And during hearings this week, it came out that the fucking health department has a spreadsheet tracking patients’ periods to try to identify when women had 2 abortions in a year - to try to see “botched” abortions.

So. There’s a lot to unpack here. When this started, I remember doubting the prevalence of “botched” abortions in the first place. Missouri already doesn’t do abortions in the third trimester. Most abortions are probably pills, the remainder likely D&Cs. And what constitutes a botched abortion anyways?

Now I’m like you fucking assholes don’t probably even understand that many women don’t have 28 day periods and wrongly assumed things were wrong when they weren’t.


“An investigator took data from 3,000 abortions that took place in 2018 and narrowed down to 67 instances when the same patient might’ve had multiple abortions in a single year.” —> ALSO it’s possible that some women actually just have more than 1 abortion in a year.  

Creepy fucks are probably jerking off to the spreadsheet, too.


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