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In no particular order:

1) overalls from the 1980s

2) a shit ton of Cardinals gear

3) mullets

4) Someone to ask a question with that South City 1-44 accent. You’ll know this because s’s sound like z’s and o’s sound like a’s. Example: After you eat your ahrange put the dish in the zink.


5) priest or nun in audience, possibly several in a clump of dourness

6) some Missouri idiot resident not from St. Louis asking a question and managing to say Missour-ah instead of Missouri. Assholes. This only happens outside of St. Louis. While we have our problems, mispronouncing the state isn’t one of them.

7) someone to ask about high school education. “Where did you go to high school?” is a ubiquitous question asked constantly in St. Louis to gauge where you grew up and your family’s socioeconomic status.

Feel free to add your own

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