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Missouri Women's Filibuster: 72 hours of protest, now in its final hour! (UPDATED)

I have not seen much coverage of this story, but it is certainly important. More information can be found at The Guardian, in an article by Jessica Valenti. The protest began two days ago and is now in its final 24 hours.

The law has now passed, 111-39, according to the Associated Press, but the filibuster continues today until 2 p.m. Protesters are hoping to convince the Show-Me State's governor, Jay Nixon, to veto the law. Abortion restrictions have already become law in Missouri without the governor's signature.


The Missouri state legislature is being filibustered by women citizens. These women are protesting new, more restrictive laws that among other effects, would extend Missouri's mandatory 24-hour waiting period to 72 hours. The state would then be in line with Utah and South Dakota, two states that already require women to wait three hours. Video of the women's filibuster can be seen here, and you can follow the progress on Twitter under #womensfilibuster.

As most of us here know, the waiting period is a favored tactic of the anti-choice crowd. They like to think that women who are forced to wait more time will be forced to think the decision over, as if all options had not been considered prior to settling on termination. Missouri women deserve better.

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