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Updated: Judge Blocked Closing. Missouri's 2nd to Last Abortion Provider is Now Gone

The last bit of hope for allowing the Planned Parenthood in Columbia, MO to continue to provide abortions is now dead. We are officially down to one provider in the state, and that is with the incredibly restrictive 72 hour waiting period. MU’s Interim Chancellor has decided to support the Medical Staff Executive Committee at MU Health Care decision to discontinue privileges to the doctors that provided abortions . While there is talk the decision in Wisconsin will make the a moot point, it will not come soon enough for the women of Missouri.

All of this comes after the wonderful State Senator Kurt Schaefer bullied Department of Health and Senior Service to give up the name of the hospital that had the contract with the doctors at Planned Parenthood. Shortly after MU was named, the contract was in talks of being discontinued after only a few months.

Other fun facts about Kurk Schaefer, he is trying to stop research being done at MU about the state’s 72 hour waiting period. Seriously, he is the fucking worst! I can’t wait for him to run as attorney general.


Very unsurprisingly, Missouri has some pretty crappy abortion legislation. Along with only one abortion clinic in the state located in St. Louis, there is a 72 hour waiting period which cannot be completed using telemedicine.

While there is a march from the clinic to campus today, after today’s statement it looks like it won’t change anyone’s mind.

Update: Federal judge stopped the state from pulling the clinics license!!

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