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MitsubiShe cooks! ...maybe.

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Okay you guys...after the veggie garlic pasta turned out great, I'm feeling confident. I want to make baked chicken flautas now. I have been craving them, and the Mexican food here sucks.


I found this recipe: http://www.mealplanning101.com/2009/10/shredd…

Which seems to be pretty similar to the ones my grandma made when I was a kid (that I can remember), except she used the good cheeses, like asadero, cojita, and panela. I have given up on trying to find those here. :(


Anyone else have any favorite Mexican recipes? I've got the family recipe for borracho-style beans and refried beans down. I make a mean salsa, and no one can touch my guacamole. But my grandma never really taught me how to cook proper, authentic Mexican food, and my mom can only really remember the recipe for grandma's "enchilada" sauce.

I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow, so help me make a list, please!

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