Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Mixed Feelings

This morning I heard back from one of the many places I've applied to over the past month, and they want to have me do a phone interview tomorrow afternoon. Yay! This is the first interview I've landed in two weeks, so I'm thrilled. It's only part time but it pays 13 an hour (way more than the cashier job I left in July), it's Monday through Friday, and it's regular evening hours, 6-11, so I would be in a perfect position to line up another part time day job. And the job listing even said that after a few months there would be opportunities to move into a full time position with benefits.

So naturally the first thing I do is text my best friend with the news. I'd text my bf, but he is currently not speaking to me, that situation is a huge mess. Best friend asks what the company is, I tell him, and it turns out that it's the same law firm that tried to foreclose on his elderly father's home a few years ago. They put my friend and his poor father through hell, and it was all because of a bank error. I remember him telling me repeatedly what jerks these guys are. But it's the only callback I've gotten in weeks, and I need a job so badly. Now I feel guilty, on top of my usual pre-interview nervousness.



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