I'm excited about the idea that Lupita Nyongo might be cast in the new Star Wars and Ventress is a badass character, but...

...she is literally the whitest character in the SW universe.

Now, someone has suggested that they might change Ventress's appearance, but I doubt they would rework a whole alien race's appearance just for one actress. (Is this the same thing as Elba as Heimdall? I don't think it is because asgardians are completely humanoid, but who knows?)

But even if they make Ventress closer to Nyongo's natural look, it's still an actress of color playing a visibly "alien" character. What do you think?

ETA apparently the appearance of Ventress's race is split so that the women are pale and the men are dark - literally black and red. So in any case, if Lupita is playing Ventress it will likely be in makeup. Sigh.