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This weekend, I noticed a grey hair in the mirror. This is nothing unusual, everybody gets the occasional grey hair. But, then I started looking and noticed it brought dozens of friends with it. I think the inevitable is finally happening, and I'm having mixed feelings about it.

Feeling 1- I have acne and grey hair....life is unfair!

Feeling 2 - I'm nearly 27, unmarried, have 2 cats, and am now going grey. Does that make me a spinster yet.


Feeling 3- Screw it, I'm only 26. I'm still a young thing, and besides grey hair means nothing. Besides, we all get old eventually, and we as a culture really are too youth obsessed.

Feeling 4- If I am going grey, maybe I can at least get awesome grey hair like my mom. Hers is AMAZING. It is a mix of dark and light greys and silvers with an awesome white streak at the front.

I try not to think about it, because really I know it is just a couple grey hairs. But, it is also one of the first reminders that I'm not going to be young forever and am on the inevitable slope to aging, and that is kind of scary. Not so much in the "ewww, wrinkles" kind of way, but just a reminder of my own mortality.

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