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I’m not a PoC, so I’m unsure I feel comfortable writing about this at length for fear of disrespecting folks of color. But I will say I’m getting tired of rolling my eyes at people who use protests like this to say ‘Well, I WAS going to listen to them before....’ (Psheah, sure you were), or ‘Those protesters aren’t going to win allies....’ or ‘Won’t someone think of the poor inconvenienced commuters sitting in traffic’ (I will admit, I’m concerned about emergency vehicles in these kinds of protests, since they use these freeways. But I’m not sure being inconvenienced by a freeway protest is on the same level with having to be afraid of police who see your skin color and can’t seem to ask questions before pulling the trigger. But I could be looking at this completely the wrong way.)


I feel really complicated about things like this. I want to help, but I don’t want to talk over PoC or intrude in harmful ways.

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