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Mmmm mmmm delicious

My grocery shopping today was transformed from sheer drudgery into a little slice of heaven, thanks to the near-perfect male specimen of H. sapiens in line* in front of me. To the extent that I have a "type", he was it. IT, I tell you!

Tall (maybe 6'3"), strong-looking body - not thin - with just a little squishiness (think Chris Pratt before he got ripped), wearing jeans, boots (low-key boots, not pretty-boy boots), a white button-down with the sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows (FOREARMS!), simple analog watch with leather strap, and glasses. Dark hair, dark eyes, handsome face, adorable smile. OH. MY. GOD.


Honestly, I've never been particularly invested in men's looks. If he's smart and makes me laugh, it seriously makes no difference what he looks like. But this man today, good Lord, I was thisclose to following him around like a drooling idiot.

So, what kind of person would you be likely to notice at the grocery store?

*OK, so I picked his line on purpose. And prayed to all the gods and goddesses that it would be the slow line.

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