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This is an absolute whiny whine. I cannot begin to thank my family enough for being willing to help me out during a pretty trying time. So everything I’m about to whine about is just that, just a whiny whine.

BoyHeathen is on the other side of the country, and we are both back living with our parents and I’m looking for work to save money (I’m talking part time dog bather and coldstone ice cream scooper- something,anything!) BoyHeathen’s dad felt bad that BoyHeathen couldn’t get me a Xmas gift this year, so gave BH his credit card and a limit. BH then told me: I know you want yarn, pick out x dollars worth, put it in a cart on a website and I will buy it for you! (Technology is like, the absolute best)

Hurray! Thank you DadHeathen! So I loaded up a cart at KnitPicks, and even came in well under budget. Now, I’m gone most of the day, trawling malls and life style centers and local restaurants filling out applications and talking with managers- doing the grunty feet on the street work to get employed. So I mention to my mother “if you could keep your eyes peeled for a package for me. BH is sending me yarn for Xmas”


You would think I pooped on her floor. I got a huge, intense lecture about how I shouldn’t “be worried about yarn until I get a job, and where was I getting this money anyway?” whoa, slow your roll mom. I said *gift* which tend to be relatively free for the recipient. I had even told her the money was coming from DadHeathen. It seems to be a weird reason to get miffed at me.

I guess she isn't getting any socks from me then.

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