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Today has sucked. Let us count the ways.

1. I woke up to sleet and snow. Not enough to cancel class, mind you. Just enough to make it dangerous to walk or drive anywhere.


2. It was the first day back from spring break. That sucks enough.

3. I notified a handful of people a week ago that they were failing and came back to a few whiny emails, plus one threatening email (fucking, really? how is that going to work for you?).

4. Today, I calculated the remaining grades and a bunch of students are SUCKING this term. Normally, I'd think it was me but the students are mostly divided between As and Bs and Ds and Fs. The people who show up and pay attention vs. an inordinate number of people who aren't showing up, paying attention, doing... what's that thing?... it's like, when your teacher gives you work to do at home? Yeah, that's pretty much where the split is.

5. We are finally getting medical bills for Homey's surgeries. 'Nuff said.

6. I get to spend my evening running errands (bank, Homey's PT, grocery shopping) and doing chores, rather than relaxing.


How about you, GT? How might you add to the list of moans?

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