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MOAR DIVERSE COURTS!!! (at least here in MN today--wootwoot!)

Some of you ‘round here already know that I both like, AND voted for Mark Dayton as governor of MN—both times he ran (and I voted for him when he was running for senate, too😆).

Dude IS a bit (more than bit?) of a goofball, and he has a REALLY difficult time giving a good speech most of the time. But, he does “him”, and he’s always been pretty upfront & honest about things—ESPECIALLY for a politician!

One of the things he has ALWAYS been explicitly clear on is that we have needed MOAR DIVERSITY(!!!!) on the state Supreme court.... AND he has specifically picked candidates (who have ALL been well qualified) with a (imo!) fabulous diversity of backgrounds, to do just that.


TODAY, in the “Awesome Things Governor Dayton Has Done” category, I’d say he did a pretty sweet one.😉

He announced his next pick for the vacancy on the MN supreme court, and not ONLY is she a well-qualified woman* she is ALSO a member of the White Earth Nation.

We FINALLY have someone sitting on our state’s highest court, whose people have been in this country FOREVER... ANNNND, with her appointment, we have a female Majority on our court for the second time!!



*The pick being a well-qualified woman was to be expected, and if I’m gonna be truly honest—when I heard the 3 candidates’ names this morning on my commute, I KNEW she was the pick.


Dayton has ALWAYS been VERY clear that we need more women in positions of power here, to get fair representation at all our state’s governmental levels. The other 2 candidates’ names were male, so knowing how Dayton runs his “Ship of State”, it was a given that she was his pick... I had NO idea, though, that she was out of the Hennepin County Family Courts, or that she was Native American 😊

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