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Moar Employment Update

Last week I was waiting to hear back about the job interview I had. The interview went well but I was concerned that I was being too optimistic. Meanwhile, a position opened at another high school in the district, and since I already had everything filled out with the HR program they use, I applied for that job too.


Later that morning, I received a call from a different middle school. The assistant principal knew that I had interviewed with the other mid-school, and asked if I had heard back from them. I told them that the interview was positive, but I had heard nothing definitive yet. He then started stuttering about wanting to interview me, but not sure if it was a good idea, etc. I was confused, but I know that this district is small and that all of the principals talk, and that nearly everyone here puts a priority on loyalty. So I told the assistant principal that if he would be more comfortable waiting until I heard from the other school, that I would happily wait to be interviewed (which is kind of a lie, but he was really struggling). We agreed that that would be a good idea.

Short story long...

I called the HR department of the district and spoke to her about the call. I mentioned that I didn't want to step on any toes or cause a "turf war" (I literally said that because I'm a doofus), but that I didn't want to miss any opportunities waiting for an answer that might not come. She pulled my file (after telling me that she is very pleased that I am coming back to full time teaching) and told me that I had the job that I interviewed for.

They just needed the Superintendent to sign some forms and that I would be getting a letter from them within the week. I got a damn job! I'm a jobby haver!


This week I'm off to the district office to complete paperwork and get all of the schedules for new employee meetings. I'm terrified, but totally excited to get back into a classroom full time.

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