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Moar Good Newz Guise!

You guise. Stahp! I can’t handle all this goodness today. So first of all I feel like a fucking person again for the first time a long time (years seriously). And that would honestly be enough for me. But today I got pulled into a meeting by a supervisor of a different workgroup in my department to offer me a position that opened up in their group. They wanted to offer it to me first. They want me! I AM FREAKING OUT. Currently I work on a very specific portion of our income tax returns so this would give me a ton of exposure to doing full income tax returns for a variety of companies. This is so much experience that I desperately need to make myself marketable to other companies. I’m taking the weekend to think about it because the downside is more hours at the same pay. However our head honcho also pays a lot more attention to this new group which has downsides but also would make me noticed more. I also don’t really enjoy the work I’m doing now. I like portions of it but my coworkers kind of drive me up a wall. Currently I’m a mid level employee and I think the potential to get promoted to senior would definitely happen sooner. I’m so excited and feel like a fucking champ. I was depressed as fuck this last month and my employer still considers me an asset. My current supervisor gave me her blessing but said she didn’t want to lose me either. I feel like I can do anything. I love you all!


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