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Moar Roller Derby

Still here, still skating, still telling you all about it :D

Since my last post, I’ve skated in two more games. One was a “mix-up” tournament that was quite honestly an exercise in frustration. The hosting team’s juniors were preparing to go to the national champs, so they made one of the mix-up teams all the nearly adult juniors who were on the team plus a few random adults. The other two teams were pretty awfully split as well - my team was 1/3 newbies. Needless to say, we lost every game we played. It just wasn’t fun.


In contrast, I skate another mix-up tournament a week from Sunday and its rosters are much more evenly matched. I’m skating in the “beginner” bout (I’m probably high beginner/low-intermediate at this point) and in the round robin, but not the main event and I am a-ok with that - there is such a thing as too many games in one day.

I had commented last time about wanting new wheels - I bit the bullet and borrowed from the skate library at http://www.2n1skateshoppe.com/, which is run by a friend of a teammate. Took them up to Laramie, where we lost to the lovely girls of Naughty Pines - but OMG the difference the right wheels for the right floor makes. I ended up purchasing them and am now much better prepared for polished concrete floors.


The game in Laramie was a blast. It was a hard hitting angry frustrating game and yet I still had all the fun. I also accomplished a first for me - I jammed once, my team got me out first so I got lead, and I managed to score four points. I’m still really proud of that three or four days later. I’ll close out with a ginormous picture of me coming into the opposing line while jamming - I’m in red with the red helmet cover. I feel so freaking awesome in this picture that there are not words to describe how awesome.

So - tell me - what are you proud of right now?

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