I really want them to find something cool, like I'm actually a mermaid or something.

So the ultrasound came back, and there's an incredibly small (like 3 mm) benign cyst chillin on my thyroid. Mamadukes said they're probably not going to do anything as it's not causing problems and it's so tiny it's not worth surgically removing. At most they'll probably monitor is but there's not much to worry about, though I'm seeing the endocrinologist tomorrow so I'll see what he says.

Also! I am incredibly low on Vitamin D according to my blood work. Mamadukes told me that and I was like "duh! It's the fucking second ice age, there's no sun!!!" I wonder what symptoms are associated with a vitamin D deficiency. How do they treat that? Do I just go lie on the beach?

So it looks like, besides the vitamin D deficiency, I am quite normal physically. Which YAY! Now, to work on the mental aspect...