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Moar Things I Found For The Amazon Wishlist

Thanks for listening when I did my earlier depression post. There's an update but, for right now, I'm back to my regular random postings. I have really never paid attention to Amazon before the wishlist feature was discovered. All I can say is that I really love the feature. I'm the type of person that when someone asks "What do you want for (insert gift giving day)?" I immediately say "nothing" without even thinking for a minute. It taken a minute just to get to the baby step of asking for help.

Looking up ridiculous items(like here) to go with items that I actually do want have been so much fun. I shared the list to Facebook and I received 3 text messages asking what the hell was I going to do with a tank. (Which I replied: Hey, don't complain people that I am actually telling you I want something. I can go back to saying nothing but you complain about that too.) This entire thing is perfect to let my family/friends know that yes I'm weird and here are the things that show it.


The Ex 5-Piece Knife Set with Unique Red Holder Designed By Raffaele Iannello

This knife set is the best thing to ever exist. I can just pretend to be the female Dexter exactly my revenge on exes that have torn my heart to shreds. Which, now that I think about it, is a little creepy. Okay, it's disturbing. Whatever, still cool.

The Batman Handbook: The Ultimate Training Manual


Like you, I have always wanted to be Batman. This training manual is the second step for to achieving everybody's dream of becoming Batman(First step: Going to your local costume store and buying a Batman costume.) Hopefully, my lacking of several characteristics for Batman like being a cis heterosexual white male with billions of dollars won't hinder my ability to be the Batman.

Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant


It has 141 functions.....ONE HUNDRED FORTY ONE FUNCTIONS! This is the ultimate in ultimate survival tools. I have no idea what the other 140 functions are but I know the one function I do know about...let's just say the world should watch out. This would go nicely with the taser flashlight my dad brought brought me.

Garrett Metal Detector Ace 250 Metal Detector #1139070


I have a confession to make: I'm not really allowed to touch the metal detector wand at work because of my habit to go "OOO SHINY, LET'S SEE IF IT'S METAL!" I know I should learn to control myself but I can't help it. It detects shiny things that are metal. I am attracted to shiny things. So when I am not at work, this metal detector will help me look for more shiny things until someone calls the cops because I am in their house detecting metal shiny things.

Mary Frances 11-397 Night Owl Shoulder Bag


There is a God because who else would let a bag such as this one exist?

That's it for today's edition of things I added. As I keep adding things (mainly books) the flaws in the wishlist feature start showing. If I could figure out a way to better organize the list then it would be perfect.


Did you find or buy anything of note from Amazon lately?

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