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Mobdro Is So Awesome On My Fire Stick

Wow Like my new firestick. I uploaded Mobdro a few days ago and really started going through it. The movie channels tend to suck most are black and white films that look like the old old version of direct to video quality.

The news and shows is fun. Sadly one has no control over the streaming. I still have not caught start of a Batman (Adam West version) episode. Lots of news.

OMG gaming. I was watching a lot of Street Fighter V matches. Tons of streaming sites of individual games.


I downloaded it from a website called troypoint and sideloaded it in.

Oh firestick youtube app sucks beyond belief. I wish they used the google youtube version. I linked in and CANNOT list my favorite videos.

Also yeah god the movies in the app stick app tubitv are so, so bad. They all mostly seem 1980s and 90s Direct to Video except for their kinda junkie classic movies.

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