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Mock Marriage

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Here's a story I thought y'all might like to be confused and weirded out by. There's this Missouri dad who's in the hospital dying of COPD, and one of his final wishes was the staging of a mock wedding ceremony for his 10 year old daughter, "where she could make promises to be faithful to the man she would marry." It's very sad, you know, that this guy won't be around if and when his kid does get hitched, but I couldn't help being taken aback. If he was leaving a son behind, I can't imagine his future nuptials or chastity status would be anywhere near as big of a concern. I'm not a fan of the Purity Ball virginity pledge thing either, and this seems like the same kind of deal, only with a younger kid and a dead dad wielding guilt from the afterlife. Or, who knows, it really might turn out to be the kind of beautiful memory they were hoping for. Anyway, it's an easier thing to criticize a phenomenon in general than it is to bag on the things people choose as individuals.

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