I literally just finished the book. I just...can't. And fuck it, here's the fair warning that there will be some spoilers.


AND YOU GT! YOU GUISE! Nobody had my back?! Nobody friggin warned me about this total eclipse of my heart!!! I will NEVER forgives. EVER.

There are parts that just made me legit sad. Prim's passing. I had to stop because I couldn't believe it. Then I kept going because I was so sure that Prim couldn't be dead. Then the scene with Gale and Katniss, where they both realize they can never be together...never really see each other because of his part in the bombs. Or that its doubtful that she'll ever see her mother again, because her mother can't go back and Katniss needs to stay put. There is no ragtag group of survivors, facing the new world together but everyone spread out and connected by the threads of their shared experience. Moving on the best way they can.


There are somethings that nagged at me. The girl stuck between the two men because she's just that bitch. But of course she still has absolutely no idea of the "effect she has" on the people surrounding her. The fact that she's fleshed out enough to be rooted for but still vague so that the reader can imagine themselves in her place. And even though I can't think of any exact examples, I feel like sometimes she was dumbed down when the next moves was obvious and other times she's presented as smart so that it could be a virtue. I'm not married to that last one though, so lemme know what you think. My main issue is with the present her as special enough to warrant admiration from the reader but flawed enough not to earn scorn. If I would struggle if I had to sketch Katniss. Which is ridiculous since a lot of the book was based on her presentation to the public.

I know it doesn't sound like it but I do love the books. Any comments are more than welcome. So are suggestions as to more dystopian books with female leads. Or hell, just dystopian. Though if its gonna fuck up my life at the ending just warn me so I know what I'm getting myself into.

***Its 3am as I'm finishing this up, and I'm too tired to hang around and talk right now. I'll set this to publish in the morning/afternoon closer to when I'll be up.