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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Mocktail recipes?

This weekend, I am holding my first annual Iron Potluck, in which my friends will compete with their best non potlucky dish for fabulous prizes ! Since I am hosting and not competing, and the fella has assigned himself the position as The Chairman, I've decided we should provide fancy beverages.

I don't drink, I'm highly allergic to alcohol. So I decided that I'll let him handle some kind of impressive cocktail or a fancy beer of his liking. But I also have friends who don't drink who will be attending and I want to provide them something equally fancy and impressive as a drink. Us teetotalers get shafted A LOT when it comes to tasty complex drinks.


Does anyone have mocktail recipes they love? Any suggestions you can make?

And side note: this year, being the first year, there is no secret ingredient. Next year when I have tons of time to plan, you bet your ass there will be.

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