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Regulars on the forum may be aware that at the end of November, I chose to ban commenter @LittleDanni from the forum after a series of posts and comments made by them. They reached out to me after the incident to apologize and see about returning to the community. I insisted that some time needed to pass before I could consider it.

As of yesterday, I have allowed Danni back on the forum as a commenter, but not an author. Under other circumstances, I would not be making any sort of public announcement about this, but given that their departure was also very public, both Danni and I felt it was best to acknowledge their return. Danni also asked me to share the apology they wrote at the time: http://groupthink.jezebel.com/im-sorry-14674…


We very rarely allow posters back to the forum who have been banned (though we are aware that people return under new names to attempt to circumvent this). In general, it is not something that comes up very often.

As always, I encourage the community to contact me privately via email (commenters@jezebel.com) with questions, observations, and concerns about this or any other matter.

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