Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Hey Groupthinkers, I just wanted take a minute to clarify a few issues that have repeatedly come up lately in various threads about being added to the GT author list.


It's probably not the best idea to email Slay at the commenters@jezebel.com address about this. That just goes to Slay, and Slay's got plenty on her plate already without being dragged into the day-to-day stuff around here. If Slay's your old college buddy, go for it, but in general it's best to participate and wait for the periodic invitation threads that Celia posts. One is going to be up in the next hour or two [ETA: Celia was fast, it's just below], so post your kinja homepage and make your case. And if you're not added right away, please don't take it as any kind of final judgment—keep contributing, build up a positive comment history, be a friend to the community. And please lay off the Star-Bellied Sneetch metaphors, those just make us sad.

Yes, it's a bit like the old "auditioning" system here back in the day, and I know feeling locked out can be a bit like being the kid with her nose pressed to the candy-shop window while others eat the delicious, delicious treats. When I first tried to comment on Jez it took weeks and weeks and weeks to get out of the invisible pink, and it only happened then because Hortense liked kitties and I was talking about kitty adoption one late night when she happened to be around. So there's a human element, and that's not always perfect, but it's the system we have and we're trying to both be cautious and make it as inclusive as possible. It's a fine line, and we're all volunteers and get sick and have other obligations and aren't always around, but we're working in good faith, and hope you can have a little patience as we muddle through this.

I think we all hope this doesn't seem cliquish, or exclusive, or some of the other adjectives I've seen being tossed around. Believe me, that's not anyone's intention. We're all trying to figure this new system out as we go, and in the early days we're going slowly in the interest of keeping this place friendly and troll-free.

Thanks guys,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Admins

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