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Mod Talk -- A Note from Slay, Please Read

Dear GT,

It's hard for me to write this post. Over the last couple of weeks, many of us, including me, have talked about how much this community has meant to us. It's a wonderful home for many reasons – a place to blow off steam, share kitten pictures, talk about politics, feminism, gender, etc. It can be a rancorous place, but it can also be an incredibly kind community.

As of today, I'm stepping back as the head moderator of GT and turning over the daily business to the wonderful Sorcia. While I'll remain the owner of GT and my admin rights, I will largely be a background character. With her and the rest of the moderating team, you guys are in good hands.


I want to emphasize that there is no 'event' that's caused me to move on. I'm aware that we have had several drama llama's in the last week or so, but those are both coincidental and sort of regular for us. At the beginning of the summer, I let the mods know I was interested in stepping down and we're been working towards the transition for a while. I'll be returning to Pakistan in a few weeks, so this is the best moment to make the jump.

If you read the AMA or listened to my interview, you may have heard that moderating can be a significant undertaking. Simply put, the care and feeding of Groupthink requires a massive amount of time and emotional energy. Unfortunately, this means that other projects and areas of my life don't get the same attention, so to better balance myself, I need to step away. I will still be running The Powder Room for Jezebel and I hope to see many of you over in the comments there.

If you would like to keep in contact with me, you can certainly follow me on Twitter (I try to follow everyone back) @SlayBelle. I can also be found on FB, where I am under the same name. I'll probably be a little scarce around these parts for a couple of weeks but I am not planning on disappearing, just reducing my presence.

I wish to thank you all for entrusting me with this community and sharing your lives with us. I have been deeply honored to be a part of it.


The new email account to contact the moderators are is: groupthinkmods@gmail.com. The commenters email address will remain with me, and is a way to contact me personally.

With much love,


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