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Mod Talk: Authorship Invites Are Now Open

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Fuck it, we’re in a pandemic and I’m going rogue.

We need online community now more than ever, so I’m opening up the invites. There are very few active mods left, me being one of them. And I’ve got the time***, so let’s do this shit.


I’m going to do things a little differently from previous invite posts. No more answering questions about the big block of text. If you don’t have authorship and want it, comment below. If two established members of GT can vouch that you’re cool, you’re in. I WILL BE CHECKING FOR FAKE ACCOUNTS.

Same rules to GT apply as always.

1. Don’t be a jerk.


Here’s all the stuff you need to know about Groupthink:

So what is Groupthink? Groupthink is a discussion forum with a feminist lens to put it simply. While Jezebel often has feminist leanings and discussions but isn’t feminist identified, Groupthink is explicitly feminist and is moderated as such. We began as Jezbel’s open discussion community and have evolved happily into our own awesome, user-controlled space. You all can post or discuss whatever you wish from the most serious of academic takes to the most frivolous of gossip. GT is for you by you with only some input by mods. It’s yours to use how you please to chat and discuss within the rules.


I’m going to take everyone through the basic rules, etiquette, purpose, and more general info regarding GT so we can all see if this is a good fit for you and you’re a good fit for us. The FIRST AND FOREMOST RULE IS DON’T BE A JERK. As this is the first and foremost rule on many forums I’m sure everyone is used to this already but yes, clearly, this is a place of friendship and healthy discussion. So don’t be a jerk. We are also an INTERSECTIONAL forum and insist on respecting intersectionality within the community. There is zero tolerance for racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, religious-based hatred, ableism, etc and so forth for bigotry and hatred. Do not speak over the PoC of this forum or engage in any kind of race-based aggression.


* We are not a safe space. Repeat after me: we are not a safe space. Groupthink is an OPEN community, which means everyone from your neighbor down the street to the cat in an apartment halfway around the world can see what you’re posting. It is indexed, archived, cached, and searchable. PLEASE keep this in mind when posting any identifiable information. So what is one thing we are not, kids? THAT’S RIGHT! We are not a safe space.


* Cross posting is a thing. Part of signing up for a Kinja account means you agree for your posts to be seen across the Kinjaverse. The mods have no control over this feature. If an author for any Kinja website wants to share your post to their main page, they are free to do so. There is no advance notice to this. The only notification you receive will be when you have been cross posted.

I personally don’t have access to the mod email, but I’m always out in these streets. If you need any mod help, email me at ediebeale.kinja@gmail.com


The Rules:
If you want a more in-depth look and refresher course in GT etiquette and rules here is our master post: Also, searching the tag “Mod Talk” can often help bring up relevant info.

Remember DON’T BE A JERK? Just keep in mind that tone loss and misconstruing via the internet are easy. Take a second, breathe, and contact us if you feel someone is violating the rules instead of opening up a can of verbal whoop-ass right away.

On shit-stirring: Shit-stirring is considered to be an individual who intentionally targets or antagonizes a GT member/group of members to the point of distress. Types of shit stirring include but are not limited to: direct contact through posts and comments, indirect contact through other social media means, call-out posts, derailing, trolling, inflammatory remarks containing all the oldies, but goodies: racism, sexism, ableism - look, if it falls into an “ism” that doesn’t ascribe to the basic tenets of respect towards fellow humans, you might want to reflect on whether you’re being an asshole before hitting “publish.”


DOXXING WILL INDUCE A PERMA-BAN FROM THE FORUM: Do not test us on this. You publish any identifiable, personal information about any human, you will be banned. Period.

***Full disclosure, I don’t actually have a ton of time because I work in the healthcare industry (not front lines, but still). So if you don’t get your invite right away, please be patient. I’m keeping things open until April 15th, 2020, so get your comments in.

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