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Mod Talk -- Please Read

As it occasionally happens in our little space here, there was an emergency earlier today with one of our members. The situation seems to be in hand at the moment, and that is in part due to the actions and efforts of many GT'ers working in concert across a variety of mediums. While the mods had been contacted and kept in the loop, we had precious little to do with the resolution of this situation. However, we were humbled and moved by what we saw going on and we wanted to take a couple of moments to say as much.

I don't wish to discuss any specifics here, nor should we be bringing them up in the comment section. (For privacy's sake, we ask that you refrain from speculation and rumors either here or off board.) The moderators and myself just wished to express to the community how amazingly proud we are of you all.

As everyone here knows, Groupthink can be a chaotic and combative space at times, but to us, and hopefully to all of you, we know that isn't the real face of this place. The heart of GT – what brings us all together and what keeps us coming back – is the incredible kindness and generosity of this community. At no time is that better exemplified than in times of emergency. From the GT Emergency Fund, to the simple expressions of support to people who need it, the depth of feeling and connection between the members here is sincerely moving.


In the mod AMA and in some of our GT interviews, we were asked why we volunteered to run a space that can so often be awash in llamas and arguments. This is why we do it. Because we love you guys, and we believe in the community, and efforts like this make it all worth while.

Be kind to yourselves, and each other.

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