Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

MOD TALK -- Please Read

Hi GT,

Your Mod Squad has noticed an uptick in the number of shared posts on the mainpage, and we wanted to clarify GT’s general stance on shares.


From the updated guidelines:

“We’ll be keeping a closer eye on excessive cross-posting. You’re more than welcome to share posts from your Kinja blog or good content from other sub-blogs, but try not to abuse this privilege. We want to encourage our own excellent content, and a mainpage full of shares isn’t really conducive to this.”


Authorship privileges are something we take seriously, and a lot of time and energy is devoted to selecting new voices during our seasonal Invite Threads. We are always looking for folks who are active on GT, who really seem to be invested in the community. We feel like over-sharing cuts down on the incentive for people to really get immersed in the space here. After all, if you can just have a friend share all your posts, why work towards authorship privileges?

We’d really prefer to see the majority of Shares in the Open Threads — these are posted quite frequently on the mainpage.


That said, we all appreciate the friendliness and openness of our regular authors, happy to help out some new GTers. It warms the cockles of Sorcia’s cold black heart that so many of you have this generous spirit — it reminds all of us of why GT is a fun place to hang out.

Bottom line, of course you’re free to share your favorite things here. Just make sure you’re not over-doing it. Let’s keep the mainpage primarily full of content instead of one shared post after the other.


As always, you can reply with any and all questions you might have, as well as email us: groupthinkmods@gmail.com (the individual mod emails are on the linked Guidelines page).

Thanks, everyone.

— Sorcia and the Mod Squad

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