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ModCloth 25% off Swimwear!

Guys! Modcloth is currently having a 25% off sale on their swimwear, not sure how long it will last.

I've been rather hit and miss with some of the stuff I get from ModCloth. But, the swimsuit I got from there is a total hit! I got the Bathing Beauty one, and it totally makes me look like one. It covers my entire butt, so no cheeks are hanging out, the size 14 fits my 34G chest without fear of me breaking public indecency laws, and I totally feel like a pin-up girl in it thanks to the super flattering ruching. I've gotten so many compliments on it and worn a swim suit more in the two years I've owned in than in the previous decade. It's a magic suit!

Now, especially with this sale, I want another one, I just can't decide which one. Do I want a bathing beauty or one of their other styles? The main reason I'm getting it is either for occasional visits to my cousin and her hot tub, or floating down the river during the summer. So, I don't need something that will stand up to a lot of athletics, I just want to look cute.


I love this one, but fear the lack of ruching would make it less flattering. I love the full butt and front coverage though.

I love some of their high-waisted two piece suits, I've seen them be super flattering on almost everybody, but I'm not sure how flattering they would be on me specifically. I'm pretty naturally high waisted with a little ring of fat around my hips that might look strange in this suit. And I'm not sure how well the chest would fit, but look how cute!


I'm pretty sure this one would look terrible on me, but it has flamingos, which are totally my weakness!


This one has flamingos too, and just might work, but is the same price on sale as most of the others are when full price.


And of course, the classic Bathing Beauty, in adorable prints like lobster and peacock.

Or, I could have unicorns exploding out of my crotch!


Let me know if you decide to get one and which one you choose! There are so many cute choices and I want to live vicariously through you since I can't get them all.


ETA: Based on popular demand, reviews, and the fact it is so darn cute, I'm getting the lobsters. But, I'm keeping my eye on that second flamingo and if it goes further on sale, it's mine!

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