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ModCloth Bait-and-Switch/Sweater Rec.

I’m a little irritated with ModCloth right now, but as usual the chat with customer service went well at least and hopefully they will fix what I think is a misleading bait-and-switch.

I have always loved the ModCloth “The Dream of the Crop” sweaters and have recommended them highly to people here on a number of occasions. I just checked through my order history and I have acquired this sweater in 12 colors over the last three years. I still haven’t quite figured out the best way to launder them (I guess I need to finally invest in a sweater shaver).

While shopping one of their recent sales I decided to pick up the sweater in two more colors—a burgundy and a dark green that would be great for fall.


When they arrived I put one on and—what the heck?? Why is this sweater so short?? Oh, it is a different sweater from a different brand. It looks very similar online: a cropped sweater with three buttons and a slightly rounded V-neckline (if you wear it closed which I never do).

If you search for “The Dream of the Crop” on their website you will see there are actually two different lines: The one I’ve bought for years called “THE Dream of the Crop” and one that is just “Dream of the Crop.” Okay, technically those are different names I guess. And I can see now with hindsight that the “Dream of the Crop” sweaters I ordered are shorter in the pictures. But I think any reasonable person would think they were the same sweaters if they had no reason to be looking for differences.

Anyway, the upside is I decided to see if I could find the brand I liked on Amazon (which is MAK Sweater) and they do have them—for cheaper and with free shipping and free returns!

For some reason they are ALSO under a misleading listing. So I should probably be irritated with Amazon as well, but I’m just so happy to find more of the sweaters. So big thanks to all of the very helpful reviews. A bunch said they were the same sweater they had bought from Modcloth (although no one seemed to want to call them out by name, they all say things like “a certain vintage site”) and a couple of reviews specified that the sweater they recieved was from the brand MAK even though the listing says they are JJ Perfection. Since they were Prime with free returns I took a shot and ordered two and they are indeed the sweaters I love!


Sorry for the long post about this very minor issue, but I needed to vent my irritation and also wanted to share the link to the Amazon shop because I still really do recommend these sweaters!

Size note: I do size up for these as I find the sleeves a bit tight otherwise. I noticed a couple of other reviewers saying the same.

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