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Modeling Consent

Not sure if this has been posted before, but this blog post is a really sweet description of how consent really can be sexy and empowering.

...our dance connection was growing into the sexual realm. I felt it happening. The dance was over, but neither of us walked away– those chills were running all over my body, begging to grow wings. Our faces were close together, breath in sync and heavy– it was that perfect moment, the one they capture in all the movies. I knew it was coming. That classic, dreamy, first kiss. And then something truly miraculous happened.

“Rebecca, I’d like to kiss you”

I was taken off-guard. No one had ever verbally asked me to kiss them before unless I was physically keeping my face away from theirs so that they couldn’t. “Oh wow” I thought… “He is actually asking for consent!” And for something as “small” as a kiss. And that phrasing, “I’d like to kiss you”. I felt desired, but not pressured. It didn’t spoil the mood like the awkward, weirdness of, “Can I kiss you?” It gave me a chance to think about it: I did have some reservations. I was afraid that kissing him might lead him to believe we were going to have sex. But damn, I did want to kiss him, so I replied with a small, breathless “ok” and leaned in.


I'd like to see a world where this guy is like every guy.

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