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The commenter we knew as "Raffey" has left us abruptly, it seems.

Here's what we know…

"Raffey" posted a series of pictures that were purportedly of her, her son, her new kitten. Another commenter, recognizing the people in the photos as friends-of-friends and the photos as year-old ones from their instagram account, posted something along the lines of "Is that supposed to be you? I know these people. So confused…" Immediately all of "Raffey's" recent posts were deleted. Within the next few hours all of "Raffey's" voluminous commenting history had been deleted.


That's all we know. No clue as to motivation, no explanation, no understanding. "Raffey" didn't respond to emails from Slay. Many of us have grown familiar and friendly with "Raffey" over the past year or so, some even longer. I personally am just puzzled and flummoxed. I hold no hard feelings except a vague sense of having been fooled that sits unquietly on my heart. I liked "Raffey," quite a lot. I suppose I'll have to think of "Raffey" as a kind of performance art, motivated by what? Loneliness? A desire to be something… other than what whoever was behind it actually was? I don't know, and speculation is fruitless, if inevitable. I wish "Raffey" peace.

I see this as a modern cautionary tale about internet interactions. My last comment to "Raffey" was asking what they would be naming the new kitten. "Raffey" responded by saying that "Mr. Raffey" insisted on calling her "Princess Queenie," adding "You can't make this stuff up."

It seems that you can indeed do just that, on the internet. Something we all ought to keep in mind.

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