This is just going to be a little overview as to an expeirence I got to do this past Friday - if you don’t want to be spoiled about this museum don’t read on!

First off - thank you to everyone who gave me things to think about concerning IG etiquette and how to discuss that with our producer who is somewhat new to IG. He has come up with a solution he’s a fan of (basically if you puts your IG and FB accounts on a doc he has the right to re-post anything he wants) that I am personally not a big fan of and thus am opting out of it - I told him I would love to have a discussion as to why I was so bothered by the non-consensual nature of his re-posting my personal photos that had nothing to do with the show he was producing but for now, please just keep me off of his feed. I really appreciated it! (Dr Mrs The Monarch - thank you in particular for giving me a really great nuanced perspective - but really you all were awesome)

In more fun and exciting news - this weekend I and 3 friends went to the Museum of Ice Cream on Friday! The website I will confess - keeps the experience somewhat of an enigma and we purposefully did very little research before attending so that we would be pleasantly surprised. The most research I did was checking photography rules (just nothing for the media without prior contact kthx), if there would be snacks (yup!) and a brief look at their Instagram Account.

We were a little late on our timed arrival due to the fact that there was a movie being filmed a few blocks from the museum but we were only about 10 minutes late. Luckily the museum (except for the very first part) isn’t timed so we would be able to play to our hearts’ content once we were in. The experience is a move forward museum - so you can’t go back to rooms you have already done.

Photo: The first room you experience before the treats begin! (my phone yo)

As one of my party stated, “Its like a discovery museum, but for all ages.” Which is true, its hard to go to the science museums unless you have kidnapped someone’s kid to feel accepted playing around with the static machines or learning about embalming.


The museum - although it does have things like history lessons about whipped cream and pop rocks and cotton candy - is more of an interactive artistic experience rather than a learning one. Every room is colorful and has things to look at or play with.

The first room post-vault is covered in whipped cream cans and has a ring toss - if you win 3 or more rings you get a coupon for the gift shop. We won a ticket which definitely was abused once we got shopping.

After this room that introduced you to how this even is going to roll we enter an old fashioned diner where you get your first treat - a raspberry swirled confection while pink seats swirl and a jukebox in the corner is played pop music while surrounded by vinyl records that have puns on current pop music.


The next room you enter is a room covered with tiny lettered magnets where you can make a statement. All over there were professions of love for family, friends and romantic partners (this was a room that was geared towards being political but I think most people wanted to be careful since it was a crowded and unknown space). There were also again a lot of sugaring puns or turns of phrase (My mochi brings all the boys to the yard). One friend put Consent is Everything, I put my favorite word “Quixotic” and another put the name of our troupe. We were then gifted some Mochi with the next room promising cotton candy - covered in glitter.


The next room visually may have been my favorite (specially due to what I was wearing) - it was a large space, the 2 of the walls were covered in silver wallpaper that had tiny classic cherry designed on them. There were also giant cloud lights (whipped cream) and giant cherries suspended from the ceiling and a giant cherry sculpture in the corner. I had put on my giant Kate Spade cherry earring so I felt right at home in this room.

Then we entered a Gummy bear and Lollipop forest. There are hosts in each room, for questions and for adding to the experience. The host in this room was a delight - she had one of the gift shop goodies with her - a light up fake gummy bear - that she had named and given a whole dramatic back story that she was more than happy to tell us about.


Next was a room of Popsicles! The wallpaper in this room was super cute - like an old fashioned ice cream truck ad and prices to match! There were also giant fake Popsicle you could sit on, lie on, or pretend to pull out of the wall. Although this room was visually really interesting - I wasn’t the most stimulated by it.

Then I started getting really bad about remembering to take photos. So the next will mostly be just me trying to describe something that happened several days ago!


After that we go to see the UNICORN. Yes there is a unicorn statue you can crawl all over. This is also one of the last treat room - you are gifted a strawberry candy covered cone with a vanilla ice cream while you wait for the unicorn to be free. There is also a unicorn stable - a tiny completely covered mirror room that they let your crawl into. This is one of the few timed events because its such a small space!

After that is a rock climbing room and a crystal cave with pop rocks! It was very pink. Which is saying something as 99% of the museum is pink! This room was also the only room without a host so far and the most blatant about being for photo opportunities. It kind of felt like a room our of Steven Universe and it was glorious.

Bathrooom break! The bathrooms were not that antifascist. The walls were pink - but that was about it. But then - oh boy we climbed a neon pink and yellow stairwell to....


THE SPRINKLE POOL! Yes - there is a sprinkle pool! The sprinkles are made from plastic so its like the most intense and dense ball pit you’ve ever been in. No diving please! This was the only other timed event as it wasn’t the largest and could only accommodate 15 people max at a time. It felt so weird but super nice. We plunged in, although four feet deep, the sprinkles were so dense I could only get in up to my calves.

Post sprinkle swim you got to use these little air compression guns to get those last sprinkles off your body (spoiler one of our group accidentally brought a handful with her since they got into her bra. And then the art boxes begin.

Little boxes with swings and hanging bananas or a whipped cream can wall that was perfect for photos ops on your was to the gift shop. The best part about this? Everyone knew that they were at the museum to take photos and thus no one was rude or rushed another group for trying to capture that perfect shot. Everyone was cheerful, polite, and willing to help each other - I mean, why would you be mean at a museum of desserts?


We definitely did our shopping in the gift shop. I picked up some ice cream and banana earrings as I prefer my goodies to be wearable rather than something that just sits on a desk. Plus I am really enjoying embracing the sillier side of art and camp this year so these seemed like they would go with my giant cherry earrings. We also scooped (ha) up some post cards and a few other fun accessories.

Now what I haven’t mentioned about this tour is that our little group was dressed to the nines. We all got super dolled up to attend this museum. I had t-straps, a dress from unique vintage, those aforementioned earrings, full face make up and my hair in my little Edwardian mohawk (aka a mohawk with curly hair). My compatriots were also dressed in 50/60s styles dresses in bright colors and our gentleman friend had one a button down and nice jeans. We were the tits. And a lot of people were asking us “what’s the occasion” and we just said, we wanted to match the decor and spirit of the museum by being walking representations of joy and fun ourselves. Our gentleman friend is also a photographer so he was taking great photos left and right and letting us pose like idiots the entire time. Which then lead to other patrons of the museum to also start being more dramatic and having more fun. We were always very polite and apologetic if we were taking a little long - but everyone was super nice about it - a number of other patrons said they were having fun watching us be silly. We even started a sing a long during one of the rooms that had a bit of a wait in it - everyone singing Total Eclipse of the Heart while we waited to get into the mirror room. We would start dance parties in rooms with the space - and people would join us. This is what I had wanted out of the experience. I not only wanted to enjoy the lovely art but make the artistic experience MORE not only for my friends but for the people around us.


And we succeeded!

I would say that we spent about 2 hours in the museum. It was decadent and delightful and exceeded my expectations on how the day would go. I have never organized an event or outing like this and not be stressed. And I was only stressed about getting parked ! My friends and I were a good easy going group and we all were a little over stimulated - leading us to kind of quietly drive back to base.

Funnily enough, before we got back to the apartment we were staying at? We went and got gelato.


Thanks for reading - sorry about my poor iphone photos - I definitely am more comfortable in front of a camera rather than behind it.