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Mom and dad

Are in pretty good shape considering. Moms home, dad has a bit more time to do in the hospital.

He brought up his future driving, and the discussion went surprisingly well. He seemed to get that he was all done.

Of course he just called me from the (now defunct) Stitzell-Weller distillery, which we have some family connection with, and he would like me to come get him and his granddaughter from Mississippi (who does not exist) and take them home for supper.



He’s a sneaky boy. They put an alarm on his bed, which is hilarious, because he’s a guy who is happy sitting on his ass unless someone tells him he has to, so he decides to get up by himself frequently but forgets about the alarm every time. He has been keeping the fourth floor very busy. You would think he would love that fucking call button, but NO.

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