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Mom guilt, now before birth!

Or, why I’m already feeling like a loser mom.

Y’all know (cause I have been complainey AF about it) how I’ve been struggle city over here.... puking and nausea all the damn time, leading to an incredibly unhealthy diet.

Well turns out I lost weight. And I’ve been prescribed an anti nausea pill for my issues. Phenergan... can’t do zofran (I’ll get to that shortly). It’s working great!!! I can actually EAT and FUNCTION like a semi normal human person. It makes me sleepy as hell (who knew it was possible to be even sleepier, heh).. but yeah not puking daily is nice.


Why can’t I have zofran you ask? Cause I’m also still on my anti-depressant, celexa. It was jointly decided by myself, my nurse psych, and midwife that it was in my best interest to remain on it, regardless of possible issues at birth (mainly being baby needing help breathing shortly after birth). I know it’s the right decision, and yet..... I still feel guilty. And def as though both meds need to be a secret.

Can’t wait for future installments of Mom Guilt!

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