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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Mom/Kids/Family Open Thread?

What are you and your families up to these days?

I’m still reading my kid articles about everything. My husband is reading her feminist and marxist stuff haha. Other than board books, we don’t do kid reading. I sometimes feel guilty but she rips the pages out of books and it’s so easy just to read her something while she eats some fruit right after we get home at night. #lazymom Anyone have a kid turn out normal like that? She’s just still not that interested in most books apart from shredding them.

Poor kid is teething hardcore. She had 4 teeth showing yesterday and now has 5 this morning from what we can see. She currently has 5 full-fledged teeth. At 9 mo old, she will soon have 4 incisors. WTF?! She’s pulling up like a champ, will walk with assistance, and is crawling so fast. We went from a crawl to pulling up in 2 weeks time and to starting to walk and stand with help a few days after that. We’ve had to put EVERYTHING on lockdown. She’s also a terrible beggar. If I eat anything around her, I have to share. I have to put sweets on hold until she goes to bed. She’s starting to talk, too. She just said “hi” to the dog as I was typing that. That’s the first time she said that. She’s already said dada, mama, bye, and baba in that order. We are exhausted but so happy she’s doing this well. I fear for us going forward since she is so independent and motivated. Very stubborn like her namesake (my great grandmother).


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