I'm waiting for her to leave. She cleaned my stuff and moved everything. She asked if I wanted to go grocery shopping. She left my dog crated all day even though she was here, which is all kinds of upsetting. He does ok home alone, but gets extremely sad and scared if he's locked away when people are around.

She came in and gave me a speech about how this is the last time I'll ever see her. How she carried me for 9 months and now I treat her like a stranger. How I won't get the news when she dies. How I don't need her anymore. Funny how there was nothing in there apologizing for the physical, mental, emotional, and legal abuse she's put me through.

Go away, you're not wanted here.

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Update: she is calling my siblings to tell them what an awful person I am and how I'm no longer on her life insurance. I don't care.


Update: this is rich-she is on the phone guilting my brother because he is an adult in his 20s who would rather live on the east coast than in the same town/house as mom and dad. She has driven away 2/3 of her kids, and caused the 3rd to run away from home at 17 before they reconciled. She still doesn't fucking get it.