Sh*tty K*tty has a urinary tract blockage, and now a catheter. Our couch is probably toast.

My mother has texted to weigh in. I quote: "Watch the expense."

She seems to believe that as he is already, admittedly, a little sh*tty, and has already cost us the (new!) sofa, we should just give him the needle.

Ladies and gents of GroupThink: Which one of us is crazy? He's not the nicest cat, but it's a treatable illness and (I thought) the duty of a pet owner to provide basic medical care. Is it financially responsible? Nope.

Edit to clarify: The cat has a UTI. Since he's a boy, they're flushing it via catheter. I have no doubt he's super uncomfortable, but will also continue to enjoy high quality of life should treatment continue. He is six, but from a dumpster. He could live five more days or fifteen more years - it's anyone's game.