I'll keep this short, but I just gotta get it out.

108 pages into my research summary document. I'll finish it tonight, and it's due tomorrow at 5 pm. One second late, and I'll lose a whole letter grade for the course.

Tomorrow, I start the nightmare of creating my presentation, which I'll give on Tuesday. 10 minutes max, so that part's easy, but it takes so long to make the dammed slide decks. Then that class is DONE. w00t!

Then comes a week of frantic activity to do all the work for my other class, which I've been completely ignoring for two weeks. There was no help for it; there are literally not enough hours in the day. I'm just hoping it can actually happen. A model to build, a booklet to finish, and a video to make. I might die. Dying might be ok.

This would all be much more possible if it wasn't for my full-time job ... which sucked this week. I had to take part in a layoff, which was really miserable. The budget for my group is in the tank, and morale couldn't be lower. No one can be bothered to GAF anymore, and I don't blame them. Getting up in the morning and going in to work has been hugely challenging.


My mister and I got the house we've been eying and will be moving into it together this summer and I am super excited! And also super terrified! What if we're making a terrible mistake? What if we can't live together? AAAAAAAAAA!

Ok, that's it. I can't say I feel much better, but at least I got it all out. Whew.