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Moments in Mommying: now with art!

I left the Bots in the waiting room while I had my therapist appointment just a bit ago. They had books and toys and sketch pads to entertain themselves with. When I came out, Megabyte had the beginning of a sketch going. There was a bulbous, mushroomy kind of thing on top with a long, straight stem coming down from it. And I thought, "oh. My ten-year-old has drawn an erect penis. Huh." So I asked, very calmly, "hey, watcha drawing?" And he said, "a dementor." Whew. The mushroomy shape at the top was the hood and the stem was one side of the cloak.

I am the worst mom for seeing a penis in her kid's sketch (but omg it was TOTALLY a penis for a minute there). But I am the best mom for not saying anything about it.

Here is the finished cloaked penis/ dementor. Ok, it's no longer a penis at all, thank goodness.


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