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Adulting is not as people seem to say it is when you are eight years old. And being an actual adult for me is guessing most of the time. However, in moments I feel like I achieve tiny victories. So I invite you Groupthink, to share the small victories when you feel like you are doing adulting successfully.*

I will begin by sharing a few of my own, if I may:

-When I get to the till at the supermarket which makes you buy grocery bags and I open my bag to discover I have remembered to bring one from home that fits all the stuff I am buying so I don't have to add any more to the massive pile in a room at home.


-When I discover I have the right change to do laundry.

-When I get a headache and I have actually remembered to buy some painkillers.

-When I try out a new recipe from Pinterest and although it still looks nothing like the photo, it actually tastes pretty good.

-When I eat a bag of salad before it goes bad and I have to throw it away.

-When someone mentions politics and I have kept up with current affairs enough to know what they are talking about.


These are rare moments of adultness in the barren wilderness of trying to do life in an okay way, but still, let's take time to celebrate! Have a celebration gif:


Feel free to share your own successful adulting moments!

*Obviously, being on Groupthink, I don't want to have too much adult and make sure I have a fair portion of squalor and failure in life too. My life has lots of mess and filth too, PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME LEAVE


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