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Momlock update (TW: surgery illustration)

I haven’t written of my mother’s pancreatic cancer here in a while, but today was a good day for her. The oncologist was happy with her progress to the point of scheduling her surgery.

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Three cycles of chemotherapy and one cycle of radiation shrank the tumor. It has mostly let go of the surrounding blood vessels, her gallbladder,  and her stomach. There is still one blood vessel in questionable contact, but her surgery is scheduled for late September to give the radiation as much time as possible to work. She is scheduled for a Whipple surgery. I had to look it up.

It is an invasive surgery. It could take up to nine hours. The surgeon won’t know if he will be able to fully remove the tumor until he goes in. Regardless of that fact, Momlock will be in the hospital for somewhere between 7 and 14 days after the surgery. She will then go back on chemotherapy for a minimum of two more cycles post surgery. The oncologist wants to be sure they got it all. Momlock will then have a blood test every three months and a CT scan every six months for the remainder of her life. And that’s if everything goes smoothly.

I looked for flights all afternoon. I found two round trip, non-stops from New York to Denver for $660. But my parents want us to hold off going out. My mother will (hopefully) be sleeping a lot for the first few days after her surgery. I was thinking of going just to help take care of the dogs and their house. They already have that taken care of for over a month after her surgery. My aunt (Dadlock’s eldest brother’s spouse) will fly in and stay with them while Momlock recuperates. My uncle (Dadlock’s younger brother) will sit with Dadlock during the surgery.


Bralock and I will go out there once Momlock feels better. We will have just moved into our new house and will be unpacking/painting/etc. We may go for Thanksgiving, as we will have much to be thankful for. Things are looking up. I am trying to not get too excited, because that is the part of the movie when the floor falls out from under you.

Continued thanks to everyone for being so supportive during my family’s medical troubles. Dadlock had just been given his bill of health following a subdural hematoma in time for Momlock’s cancer diagnosis. I wish those two wouldn’t treat everything like a competition.

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