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Instead of continuing to be mid 80s it has been mid 40s to mid 50s with rain yesterday and today. I had planned on taking lil guy to the open play at a local gymnastics place, but didn’t make it. Sooooo we hit up a McDonald’s play land for milk & cookies and coffee. Before leaving I had to tell 2 different kids no hitting. The first one said No Babies! And punched my 2 year old in the head. I said hey! No hitting! Nothing crazy, no yelling, but yeah.. No hitting dude. His mom- oh is he hitting? Ohhhh no hitting honey... Said absently as she didn’t even look up. Ummm yeah your 5 year old is punching toddlers in the head. Then when kiddo was near those kids again, another one responded to lil shit #1 s “No Babies! He’s back!” With a pulled back fist saying “I’ll hit him in his tummy”. I said you will absolutely NOT be hitting him in his tummy! His mom said something to him at least. Lil guy came down and put on shoes and coat no problem, even he was done with their shit. I get that the kids are in a contained play area, but look up at least once in a while to see what the hell they are doing. This was after a lil girl hit and then kicked him and he came over for a boo boo kids. She was a lil shit, made her older sister cry. The big sister got in trouble for crying after being hurt and the lil one got called Princess. Nice. Now I need a nap! Luckily most of the kids over an hour and a half of playing were just good kids having fun. But ooooh hitting my lil guy brings out mama bear.


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