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Mommy Dearest and Nails-Sorry, a bit of a Rant

Spoiler alert: no wire hangers involved, but lots of stress. But also a manicure!

Ugh. I only see my parents three times a year, and they never come to visit me. But since I have commencement tomorrow (which I am both nervous and excited for), they'll be here. I went through so much drama to get them to stay closer, etc., (before I go into this rant, I want to say I love both of them). My mother even told me that she wasn't going to come, if I didn't stop being such a 'bitch'. Thanks mom.

But they're both going to be here, and I'm cleaning like crazy. My mother will inspect like crazy, and if one thing is not up to her standards, she'll explode. Yay. I have to hide my junk food.


Oh, and the best part? She makes things all about her. Her daughter is having her only commencement? Oh, well, it's now her commencement. Like, if she doesn't like my outfit, she will make it known. Not like she'll make me change, but passive-aggressive stuff. Like "Honey, why do you need to wear those shoes? Do you really need that much attention?". I try to ignore stuff like this, but she fights dirty. She'll find something to pick on me about.

While I'm on this subject, does anyone have tips to deal with parents, who you see sporadically but think they still run your life?

But on the bright side, I went to a new manicurist today. And she is the greatest! She mixed a custom color for me, she told me stories, and we really clicked. She even gave me a student discount! Also some great (but kinda kooky) advice about how to talk to boys. Yay! Took my mind off of mommy dearest. Here's the picture of my new nails!

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