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Welcome To The Bitchery

My daughter and I are cleaning today so we can be lazy this long weekend. She is now 13 so I told her I would starting pushing more of the responsibility on to her. I told her I would show how I do stuff like clean the bathrooms etc but if grandma ever shows her, she should take notes because grandma does it right vs my lazy, just enough way.

After we did all this, I stopped her and gave her my spiel. She will leave my house knowing how to clean up her space and not be a slob. However she should never put up with a guy expecting her to clean up after him. He should know how to clean and if he doesn't, send him my way and I will teach him. I told her it's perfectly okay to divide housework by skill, time available, and what you sorta enjoy. She likes to vacuum so she can do that and he can do dishes or whatever. But she should not be the default cleaner in a relationship. She giggled and rolled her eyes, because being she is still settling into liking boys. It's just her and me right now but she sees grandpa and grandma share housework. I just wanted to drive it home that it's not solely her duty.


I wish all kids got that talk.

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