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Happy Monday, everyone! I'm headed off to work, but before I leave I want to ask you today's question: what's the earliest memory you have of being taught about women's rights/equality/feminism?


My cartoon and TV show choices always geared towards powerful female main characters, but I think my earliest memory was of seeing photos of bomb girls from the 40's working during the war when I was in maybe first or second grade. Up until that point, I thought it the only reason my mom worked is because she's an immigrant and worked from home; and that all ladies stayed at home instead of going out to work unless they were rock stars and famous people like Jem and the Holograms. Then the light bulb struck to tell me, "Hey, women can work too! And they look cool doing it!"

Share childhood stories about noticing equality differences, please :)

ETA my favorite li'l feminist moment. In 4th grade, I did a count on how many times the teacher called on boys in class and how many times girls were called. The result was a staggering 75% boys to 25% girls. So I rallied all of the girls in class together and a small group of us brought it up to the teacher during recess in front of other teachers. So she agreed to call on girls more often and gave me a nod and a wink when she put the plan in place.

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