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There are two things to know about my Mom. The first is that she is immensely practical, and the second that she is immensely geeky. She has passed these things down to all her kids, though I'm considerably less practical than the rest. I tend to rely on her and my sisters to keep me practical.

I mentioned in a comment here that the only reason I'd pay $50 for a scarf is if it was The Fourth Doctor's.* I've not seen them sell for less than seventy, so fifty is pretty good. On a whim, I decided to check out prices on ebay for them to see how much they'd gone up in price (it had been a few years since I last looked).

I found one for $35.

I felt temptation and impracticality creep over me, so I thought I'd ask her for her opinion on it. While geeky, she'd not a Doctor Who fan and again she's very practical. I expected her to tell exactly why I didn't need a 13 foot long scarf.


She said, "Oh that's a very good price. You should get it before someone else does."

"It's a very good price. Too good. The shipping is including in that price. If it wasn't for her great feedback, I'd think she was running some kind of yarn based scam."

My sister pops in, "Maybe she robbed a yarn store!"

I laugh, and add, "But do I really need a 15 foot scarf? I mean, where will I wear it?"


"Halloween. Fighting those Garlics (I have long ago given up correcting her word use). If you have it, you'll find ways to use it."

I realize she's not wrong. I have a bowler hat I often incorporate into my outfits for pity's sake. "But can I afford it?"


"Don't you have some money in savings?"

"Yeah. But I don't like using it. What if I really need that money for something else. What if the economy gets worse and everything goes up in price."


"If that happens, then you'll have a lot nearly worthless paper, and you'll be very glad you bought that nice, long, warm scarf before all that happened," Mom said cheerfully.

I now own a very long scarf and am thinking of getting other essential supplies.


*He's my first Doctor. My PBS station used to air the serials at midnight every night. Possibly related to this are my Night Owl habits.

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