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Mon. AM OT

Good morning, GT! You ready to tackle this week?

Today’s my last day of work for the year—I’m going to finish up grading a last handful of projects, enter grades, and clean up my office so I’m not totally overwhelmed when I get back.


I’ve got my hysterectomy tomorrow (woot, woot! ready to get that over!) so the rest of today is prepping for that: cooking, cleaning, wrapping presents, a massage (aw, yeah!), and general organization. Especially as I get closer to the surgery date, I’m realizing how much I’ve actually tormented myself by setting up the surgery so far out. Lesson learned.

Anyway! How are you all? How’s your day/week looking? Did everyone get a bunch of snow? I saw lots of folks here talking about chances of snow yesterday. Is anyone snowed in?

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